Crystal Box by GSWU

Crystal Box by GSWU

Intentional Living, Intentional Giving

Intentional Living - Live on purpose, strengthen your connection to your desires, manifest greatness and success simply by being intentional. 

Intentional Giving - Each piece represents something. Who around you needs a boost, a breakthrough, some kindness, deserves a thank you or even has a birthday? Gifting crystals is a powerful way to bring joy and raise the vibration of those around you.

Without intention, our efforts lack the proper driving force needed to be effective for long lasting change in our lives. 

Crystal Box was created to keep you mindful of your intentions, so that you experience tangible results of deeper love, prosperity, freedom, success and peace in your life, as you come up higher in thought and action.

The Crystal Box by GSWU Commitment 

    $77/month (Over $25 in savings, FREE shipping)

    • Bracelet Stack (with meaning card)
    • Touch Stone of the month