You brave enough to be vulnerable?

Being Vulnerable

It’s all the rave these days like the hottest new fashion item that you don’t wanna miss out on.

I’ve actually been trying it out myself and let’s just’s new. I’ve always been the person to be “good” or “fine” just so people didn’t judge me, talk behind my back, or so that I didn’t be in the position of needing anyone.

I really like it. It definitely allows for so much more freedom! When you give yourself permission to be unapologetically you and super present for each moment without thinking of a calculated response, there is power in that. Power, freedom and extra brain space!

It hasn’t been all easy though let me tell you. First of all, Vulnerability is terrifying.

Second....What do you do when being open and vulnerable doesn’t at all turn out in your favor? What do you do when the person on the receiving end of your honesty betrays you with gossip, finger pointing projection or some good old “Get over it, I don’t agree with how you feel.”

Welp! I would say that the openness and the softness of Vulnerability also gives you an extra dose of Grace. For yourself and others. I mean that kind of freedom will start to really move, Shift and reveal things to you and when it does, you’ll be in a place of peace about it. Your feelings may get hurt at times YES ABSOLUTELY. But that is a part of the “risk” that we are taking with being vulnerable!

You’ve heard it before. If you block the bad stuff, you block the good stuff too!!

Allowing feelings to flow THROUGH you is priceless and in being vulnerable you are standing on your truth at the moment. Umm yeah! How authentic is that?!

All that to vulnerable. Even if you’re feelings get hurt, I’ll LIVE!!

And on the other side, you know, the wonderful side everyone else talks about, Vulnerability may just bring you right into something special that you never would have discovered had you still been running from feeling.

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