Regeneration and The New Moon

Oh what a time of REGENERATION!

(of a living organism) regrow (new tissue) to replace lost or injured tissue.
  1. "a crab in the process of regenerating a claw"
  1. reformed or reborn, especially in a spiritual or moral sense.

With the New Moon coming tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, this week has been pretty intense. Not the overwhelming 'what is happening to my life' intense, but more like the eye opening, 'oh em gee I didn't see that all along until now' type of intense.

2016 was surely a life changing year of going within and releasing SO MUCH of what no longer served us. 

We absolutely KNEW 2017 was going to be our year for dynamic 'we've been waiting a long time for this' breakthrough! 

What I feel I've noticed is that....all of the inner work we did in 2016, began to manifest itself on the outside in 2017. 

We work from the inside out, so we had to know all of that purging, healing and releasing done internally the year before, was going to be a ripple effect that shifted many things on the outside of us in our environment, circumstances, relationships and purpose walk.

Now, we are coming to the end of the year. If you are reading this, congratulations you little survivor you!

This New Moon has our full attention. We know SO much more about ourselves, what we need, where we are headed and how to faith our way to it!

Remember last year how it was a 9 Year, the end of a Universal Cycle and a MUST that we grow out of old habits?! Well this New Moon is of the same nature. 

There is a distinct opportunity to transform something if we are ready to roll up our sleeves and set aside some lingering emotional fears.

You are a wonderful person, a good heart, you have worked hard, but a good seed can only grow in good and fertile soil! Think about what fertile soil means when it comes to your life.

From an agricultural standpoint, here are the characteristics of good soil:

Healthy, high-quality soil has:

  • Good soil tilth
  • Sufficient depth
  • Sufficient, but not excessive, nutrient supply
  • Small population of plant pathogens and insect pests
  • Good soil drainage
  • Large population of beneficial organisms
  • Low weed pressure
  • No chemicals or toxins that may harm the crop
  • Resilience to degradation and unfavorable conditions
So on this New Moon, look around your life and commit to planting in some healthy and fertile soil. Work through any resistance and challenges with trust that you may have and prepare your own ‘field’ for a season of planting new seeds of old familiar dreams into freshly fertilized and upgraded soil.

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