• Live In The Moment!

    The theme for February is Live In The Moment!   Intentional Living, Intentional Giving This February we want to invite you to Live In The Moment!   2018 is off to an amazing start! This stack is an invitation to Live In The Moment. When we are prese... View Post
  • You brave enough to be vulnerable?

    What do you do when being open and vulnerable doesn’t at all turn out in your favor? What do you do when the person on the receiving end of your honesty betrays you with gossip, finger pointing projection or some good old “Get over it, I don’t agree with how you feel.” View Post
  • Regeneration and The New Moon

    You are a wonderful person, a good heart, you have worked hard, but a good seed can only grow in good and fertile soil! Think about what fertile soil means when it comes to your life. View Post